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Artist: Young Mc
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Song Title: We Can Do This
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[ VERSE 1 ]

Aiyo, stop what you're doin, kid, here comes the tracks

From the heart to the head to the pen to the wax

And then to the store and the video channel

I'm not the Black Crows but I'm still 'hard to handle'

I don't wear sandals, I'd rather wear kicks

When I chill with the fellas and I watch the Knicks

See, I run things like Judge Wapner in the court

I'm like New York in the winter cause I take no shorts

Or no sports, but I know something too

Gimme the mic and 4 minutes and I show what I can do

Fu Man Chu was a famous oriental

And Katmandu made a funky instrumental

I don't get sentimental, even with a honey dip

My chorus line a rental cause I have a pink slip

And I won't flip as I make my way through this

So check it cause I got a record, yo, and we can do this


(What, what, a say what?)

Yo, we can do this

[ VERSE 2 ]

I make papers like an IBM

Most of my friends clock the ends so I'm down with them

I don't need nobody tryin to sweat me or tryin to get me

Or tryin to soak me like a Tetley

Tea bag, to slap on a feedbag

Playin like Olive Oil but lookin more like the Sea Hag

So don't pay me Tuesday for a hamburger today

Here's the pun and then some, you can be on your way

See, I'm sick of all the beefin and the riffin

From the hype and the pipe and the cocaine sniffin

Walk around the way robotic

Thinkin you can get what you need to get from a narcotic

Girls ain't speakin, no, they're just freakin

Livin life fast like the last of the Mohicans

Think they know it all but they don't cause they clueless

So check it cause I got a record, yo, and we can do this


[ VERSE 3 ]

Yes, we can do this like Brutus, play it like a flutist

Or jump it like a nudist parachutist

I'm not new to this, but you already knew this

That's too many rhymes at one time, so yo, screw this

I be bonin like a skeleton, never wear Benetton

If I watch the base then I be watchin Terry Pendelton

Love to eat Jellitan to keep my body toner

And if [Name] wore some Nikes she woulda gone to Barcelona

So pick up the phone and call your friends

This is somethin that be bumpin from a Yugo to a Benz

I might make ends but I'm not in it for the money

You're not Lamont Sanford but you're still a 'big dummy'

I hang out with the honeys to pass the time

And I hang out with the homies to bust a rhyme

I draw the line at actin dumb and actin foolish

So check it cause I got a record, yo, and we can do this

(What, what, a say what?)

Yo, we can do this

(What, what, a say what?)

Yo, we can do this

(What, what, a say what?)

Yo, we can do this

(What, what, a say what?)

(What, what, a say what?)

Yo, we can do this

(What, what, a say what?)

Yo, we can do this

(What, what, a say what?)

Yo, we can do this

(What, what, a say what?)

And I'm out

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