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Artist: Young Zee
Song Title: Fuck Dat Shit
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Ha, hahahahaha

Hahahha, yeah

[Young Zee]

Zee, bitch I got no remorse

Run up in the car lot like let me hold the Porsche

Salesman claim ?poppin shit? broke his jaw

Whip the gauge out, me and Pace drove it off

Yeah, cops say we do a drive by on y'all

We nigggas from Bricks, we don't abide by the law

When kids come quick, niggas will bust they chrome

Tryin to take mine, 'cuz they just came home

Tryin to take this LOOT, I'll follow ya bitch ass in a Lexus coupe

Put one right up in ya Mecca suit

If you with ya bitch, I'ma wet her too

Shit niggas do where I live at YO

It ain't a fucking game like Tic-Tac-Toe

Niggas know tips, wanna get that dough

Cops wilin' out makin shit mad slow

Keep a fo-fo...

Chorus: Young Zee

Fuck dat shit, bitches don't deal, wanna suck that dick

Niggas go kill wanna pump that shit

Fuckin new bitches on ?massage type shit?

Trottin 'round screamin out "cops ain't shit"

Fuck dat shit

[Young Zee]

You love it when its loose Zee?, no I love it tight

You fuck for a long time?, you motherfuckin right

We get no fuck hoes, that get high off lye

Down have it sucked, get druken by ya side

Blast anybody when we ride by your spot

We could give a mad fuck if y'all die or not

The techs out the window turnin it loose

Shells poppin out, that bitch burnin my goo

Blaze y'all fags, stop, jump out the car and take y'all bags

Jump back in the fuckin jacked up Ac'

Go around the block showin niggas your stacks

Ya block got it back, this street war

We breakin niggas legs, ?fuckin ripped Keith's?jaw

We got the street sweeper but it don't sweep floors

Niggas and bitches betta lock your doors

Keep a four-four


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