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Artist: Young Zee
Song Title: I Love It
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f/ Rah Digga

[Chorus 2X: Rah Digga]

I love it! (I love it!)

I want it! (I want it!)

I need it! (I need it!)

Got to have it! (Got to have it!)

[Young Zee]

Yeah, five X got me high to death

So high I can't even tell my right from left

If it's beef, right now we in trouble

'Cause all of us drunk and Young Zee seein' double

Shout to my dames in the house

Let us bash, knowin' my tape coming on

You can strip right now and get butt naked

'Cause doe come first nigga, a bitch come second

Girl, you gon' make me kick one leg in

Right inside your stomach while you six months pregnant

Zee disrespect thugs, that wanna flip drugs

Doe can't fuck with my checks though

Let me hear about a war, y'all get carried out the door

An' buried 'round the floor, you're feelin' kinda poor

Your belly drive a four

I push big chips, watch you ?????? an' I LOVE IT!

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

[Young Zee]

Pass me your blunt you gon' get it back torse

Pass me your 40, here take the back door

You nobody, your crew's so tiny

Zee got labels, all you ain't, who gon' sign me?

C'mon! Get your click's whipped

Football scores, we be 56 - zip

Neck crampin', sex slammin' (aha)

Fuck so much we need to get examined

Sit me down now, Zee and rotwilders

Two big dogs, you just a lil' dog like Bow Wow

Girls choose a wish, I'll "fill your fantasy" like Ludacris

Whilst your twat smells like tuna fish

Tonight, I could do it on my first night

No hotels, let's do it on my dirt bike

Just call and say when

You hate when I try to put it all the way in, but I LOVE IT!

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

[Young Zee]

Zee sings: Ooowee, ooowee, ooowee, baby, baby, baby (hahahaha)

My boys bone any hoe

Chill with the Outz on home video

Hoes ?said they no?, we rollin' in doe

Take big long pulls, a hole in the dro

O's get to go where no niggas go

I go get the fo', you go six below

Holdin' the rows, with a hole in ya clothes

Don't diss the O's or we'll roll to ya show

But there won't be no show 'cause we closin' the do'!

Go to your home we be bonin' ya hoe

G-g-g-go, now where you gon' go? My boys stole your fo'

We're chokin' your throat when we catch you on the low and I LOVE IT!

[Chorus] - repeat 4X

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