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Artist: YOUNGBLOODZ (f/ Lil Jon, Pitbull)
Song Title: Damn! (Pitbull Remix)
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[Intro - Pitbull]
Uhh, this is Miami's finest
Pitbull, this is Miami's finest
This is Miami's finest, Pitbull
This is Miami's finest, got lost in here
Got true in here, got done in here
Got Diaz brothers, my dog Cubo (Que Vuelta?)
Eeeeoooooo, eeeeoooooooo, eeeeeooooooo

[Verse One - Pitbull (Lil Jon)]
Uhh, this is Miami's finest, I'm soon to blow
But like Jon told me "Chico it's all about timin'"
Patience is a first, and I been patiently waitin'
When I sign, it'll be anticipated
Like the Lakers with Malone and Gary Payton
Pitbull spits fire like I married Saitin
Anybody wanna try it? then Tez go ahead dog
Confess, get it off your chest
Get put in a perminant sloop
You're gettin' in the way of me and these checks
This is the future, they don't throw blows no more
These boys will shoot ya
And they gats that'll smoke you bigger than Whitney Houston
I'm not your regular rapper this is somethin' y'all not used to
Yeah, I look like a cracker but I'll crack ya man it's crucial
So y'all better think twice next time, that's if there is a next time
I wish they would try to take mine
I'll take em' out the game with a tech-nine
It's that chico Pitbull
And if y'all don't give a damn we don't give a fuck
Throw em' up fool! (YEAAH!)

[Hook - Lil Jon]
If you don't give a damn, we don't give a fuck (HEY)
If you don't give a damn, we don't give a fuck (HEY)
If you don't give a damn, we don't give a fuck (HEY)
If you don't give a damn, we don't give a fuck (HEY)
Don't start no shit it won't be no shit
Don't start no shit it won't be no shit
Don't start

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