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Artist: Younsta
Song Title: Da Youngsta
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Verse1:Yo I just had to ask man when the goin shine,
Cause I'm still a young rapper in my prime,
Not knowin where life is going so I feel like I'm blind,
I'm tryin not to take a road that's goin lead to some mess,
I'm tryin to take a road that's goin lead me to success,
Cause my whole life I hated to fell,
Now I'm dependin and relyin on my records to sell,
And if I make it I'ma thank the Lord above,
Cause when I needed it the most he was showin me love,
Until then I'ma sit back and wait in line,
And I bet sooner or later the sun goin shine,

Chorus: when the sun goin shine,
(I don't know)
When the sun goin shine,
(I don't know)
When the sun goin shine,
(I don't know)
When the sun goin shine, shine, shine,

Verse2:Its about time that I show yall the Youngsta got flows,
And getting the sun to shine is one of my goals,
Cause my whole life I've been on the run,
I went from payless shoes to air force ones,
Now yall can see I'm makin myself a betta life,
Cause in the hood I was always runin from the pain and strife,
But now I'm finally startin to live my dream,
And no matter what happen I always been a fan of da green,
Cause that's the one thang that kept me on track,
It kept me movin even when I wanted to stop and look back,
But I'm still patiently waitin on the sun to shine,

(Repeat chorus)

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