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Artist: Youre Pretty
Song Title: Worst Of Me
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I find I can hardly sit still with all that's going on inside of me
these feelings I've had about you have been confirmed
this isn't happening
I think about all times I was so blind and let you run to her
never saying one damn word now I'm letting it out
I'm getting it out
Here I go now getting crazy you think you have seen the worst of me
This is probably all my fault cause I can be so goddamn trusting
Is it too much to ask for you to show me a little honesty
you can't even imagine all the hurt you've caused inside of me
but hurt can quickly change
and it's building up and coming out as rage
Here I go again now getting crazy you think you have seen the worst of me
Here you go again now lying to me I think you should make a run for it
I think its kind of cute the way you thought I'd sit and take this
but hell hath no fury like mine and I don't think you could ever handle it
I have a couple question before you have to run for cover
was she worth all this and do you even really love
Here I go again now getting crazy you think you have seen the worst of me
Here you go again now lying to me I think you should make a run for it
What did you think that I would not figure out
Do you think that this is what I am about
Hiding, Cowering I've done that for way too long
Now I am the one to stand up and be strong

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