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Artist: Youth Ahead
Song Title: A Whole New View
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Two miles high and I cant look down
took a long ride in through an unfamiliar town
but I stretched my arms and I welcomed the fight
took a hard grip on the wheel and drove through the night
it's so hard to guess what's ahead
Listen to your heart, it'll show you the way
Listen to your heart, it wont stall or fray
Listen to your heart, wake up to the day
Listen to you heart
I can remember when I was just a boy
crying over lost or broken replaceable toys
as I grew up fast I let some things pass me by
missed a beautiful day or two
I watched some good people die
it's so hard to know what's ahead
I'm waking up to watch the sunrise
like I never saw it before
and I'm paying more attention to the bright blueness of the sky.

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