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Artist: Youth Asylum
Song Title: Itll Be Alright
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One nation under God indivisible
with liberty and justice for all

It was just the other day oh boy
A kid had a gun instead of havin a toy
And he didnt run from his brother
Cuz he thought it was game
And the ending is just the same
You gotta get ourselves together boy
Im lookin for love and im lookin for joy
Im lookin for peace on the streets
Can you count on your brother
Can we make a reality
When Marvin said Whats Goin On he said it right
So well keep movin on we wont give up the fight

And itll be ooh yea alright
Cuz were the Young Americans
Young Americans Young Americans we are the Young Americans
Alright to be a Young American
(yea yea, thats right, Young Americans, lets get it right this time)

It was just the other day oh boy
Tell me our lives were bein destroyed
And there is no hope for the ghetto
Cuz the leaders dont care
And theyre leavin us in despair
Its come to me in a better way oh boy
No time to be cruel nor time to be coy
We all took a pledge to the flag
And we count on each other
Cuz each other is all we had
When Marvin said Whats Goin On he said it right
So well keep pressin on to make the future bright

Its gonna be alright
Cuz were the Young Americans
Young Americans Young Americans we are the Young Americans
Alright to be a Young American
Together wed stand
(oh together)
Divided wed fall
(oh wed fall, wed fall)
But when we stand strong
(when well stand strong)
We fight through it all
(fight through it all)
Tomorrow is new for the red white and blue
(Tomorrow is new)
So lets show them why
Without a scythe (?)

Wake up wake up wake up
Young America awake from the sleepi

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