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Artist: Yo-Yo
Song Title: Make Way for the Motherlode
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(The Mothership Connection)

[ VERSE 1 ]
There's no way you can skip the subject
You move your hips to this cause you love it
Admire it
And I'm the one who inspired it
It's the YoYo
This isn't a promo
Come on down, so you can play _The Price is Right_
I get twice as nice, I'ma get nice tonight
Get with this, dig the style and the lecture
Feel the texture and you can see how it affects the
??? applies the plans and pan it left to right
And then a close up
I get the most of
A style, so focus on the one who broke the barrier
I'm preparin ya
Illustratin many ways of tearin the
Mic, rippin it, put a clip in it
Load the ammo, let it slam when I be kickin it
Stick it in your Jeep or your Benzo
It's in so
Deep you can bet
YoYo never break a sweat
Quiet is kept
But you thought that you had enough
Problems, withstand me
You must go to plan b
Shake away and break away and take away
A brother who fold
So make way for the Motherlode

[ VERSE 2 ]
Here's a piece or a chunk of the funkiness
You can't understand how a sister came up with this
That's so wild
It leaves you shiverin and danglin
>From the way that I be stranglin
MC's and take their breath away literally
Many step up but they can't get a bit of me
MC's dash light like this is their last night
On Earth, but they get turned out like a flash light
Don't consume this, it's toxic and poisonous
There's no need to bring all your girls to this
Cause I'll dis you and fry you on a skillet like a piece of pork
I don't care if you're from East New York

I don't flinch or move an inch c

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