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Artist: Yu-Gi-Oh
Song Title: Panik Atack
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I'm not going to panic

Here in the shadows, a phantom of the night
Attack without warning, a single strong light
I'll brave the darkness and I'll stand right here
No matter how you come at me I'll show no fear

I won't give up
I won't break down
I'm not going to panic

I will not run, I'll stand and fight
All you've done wrong I will set right
No matter what you try tonight
I'm not going to panic

Fill my heart with terror, do the worst you can do
Shivers up my spine I'm not afraid of you
The dark can be scary until you find
Things you thought were frightning
Are only in your mind

I'm not going to panic
I'm not going to panic
I will not run, I'll make my play

I won't give up
I won't break down
I'm not going to panic
I'm not going to panic

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