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Artist: Yukmouth
Song Title: Do it B.I.
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Til the day that I die do it B.I.
Since I was born I was taught to keep it P.I.
I'm that nigga thugged out in the V.I.
And I've been slangin major "D" since I was knee high [2x]

[Verse 1]
When you was break dancin and back spinnin on ya nolium
My niggaz wrap a thousand grams with patrolium
Jelly like like Belly, it ain't shit that you can tell me
Once you trapped in the belly of the beast
With niggaz waitin on the commissary
Locked in solitary confinement, no more grindin, wifey pondin diamonds
I'm a frontline soldier like a lineman
Guns firin', sirens, that's all in my enviroment
Gangstas, pimps, thugs, that's all in my enviroment
Niggaz that's slung drugs with no thoughts of retirement
Ballin, timin, grindin, that's all in my enviroment
Expirement, when I blaze you up fuck the firemen
Call the coroner, set up shop on the corner
With rocks and marijauna, make it hot as a sauna
It's just another day in Oakland, California
I touch G's and never had a diploma, like that

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 2]
When you was learnin how to boogaloo and pop lock
I was baggin opium and bloons at the hop spot
And slangin double ups to goons at the rock spot
We got the block locked, and give a fuck if the cops watch
This chop chop and turn ya car into a drop top
Just like a chop shop, blak blak, make a cop drop
Keep ya mouth shut, our neighbors don't talk to cops about us
They know we'll come and shoot they fuckin house up
Rock ya ounce up, with ya little arm and hammer
I'm breakin pounds up, with jack knifes and sledge hammers
Some of my niggaz in the feds locked up in the slammer
Some of my niggaz got bread then headed for Atlanta
My family put the murder game dow

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