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Artist: Yukmouth
Song Title: Falling
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Do or Die in this bitch

Yes, do this for my soldiers (Do or Die)

What? I've had more up and downs then a rollercoaster (what up yo)

Shit but we gon ball again

What? If I ever stop falling

I got so many hustlin skills they can't fuck wit me

Soon as I go broke, the next day I be havin some paper, I'm that raw

Breakin bitches, pullin cases, robbin niggas, selling drugs,

rappin and shit, whatever I gotta do


If I ever ball again, I know just what I'ma do

If I ever ball again, I'll never be losin

If I ever start fallin, ever start fallin

someday I'm gon ball again, someday I'm gon ball again

If I ever start fallin, If I ever start fallin

But I'm gon ball again, someday I'm gon ball again

Nigga, If I stop ballin, dig it, I better be on top again,

Drinkin Henessy on the rocks again

Paper choppin 10s and 20s with plenty of bitches up on my jock

My friends been born riders since the age of 10

I wanted a schwinn so I copped a schwinn

I wanted a benz so I copped a benz

I wanted to fuck her partner friend so I got em up in a menage a trois

But the consequence them broads fell in love with each other

Left me up out the wind

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