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Artist: Yung Niggas
Song Title: Whats mine
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I'm New To This Game, But Everyone I
Heard Flow Is Still The Same, Memp Bleek
Use To Be The Coming Of Age, Cause I Took
That Spot, I'm A Young Nigga Flowing And
Soon To Be Seen On Stage, I Rock All Colors
Except For Pink Purple And Bage, I Straight
Hate Them Niggas That Carrie A Badge, Fuck
All The Haters, I'm Down With The Playas,
If You Got A Problem With That You Can See Me
In The Back, If It's Dark I'll Be Wearing
All Black, Just Like I Wuz At Your Funeral
Digging Your Grave, If You Got A Problem
You Better Behave, I'll Be That Next Nigga
To Knock You In Your Chest, If You Keep Fucking
Around, You Gon Catch About 10 In Your Vest,
So Stop The Talk And Calm Down, Cuz I Will
Put Your Crazy Ass To Rest.

The Blocks Is Mine
The Rocks Is Mine
It's My Time To Shine
You Bet Not Forget The Streets Is Mine

I Control The Streets
I Control The Heat
Keep Fucking Around
You Gon Be Flowing Off Beat

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