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Artist: Yungstar
Song Title: Grippin Grain
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f/ Lil Flex, Lil James, Slikk Breeze, Wood


Grippin grain grippin grain

We grippin grain and poppin trunks upon ya

(them yung g's are so real)

We roll thangs sweet reeling round ya corner

(tell me whats the deal yeah yeah)

We grippin grain and poppin trunks upon ya

(can you feel me )

We roll thangs sweet wheelin round ya corner

(them yung g's are so real)

Well I'm grippin grain candy stains presses cuts and pinky rings

Viper jets and choo choo trains it aint my fault I hog the lane

Living life well give me a call

Blind the guard whats happening boys

Fancy toys we bring the noise

C-Nile flipping youngster star

We got candy cars body guards walkie talkies cellulars

84's remote controls TV with the VCR

Watching a flick school or click

Drop another platinum hits

Watching my weight get back and braid

Got em all like halamade

Millionaire rapstar billionaire with Jaguars

Beauty queens with no flaws when I pass they show bras

I'm lil made sashay shade all my clothes Taylor made

Lorenzos and razor blades flip and Yungstar getting paid

Dropping our weight chop a blade

Blaze the hay got hoes for days

Acrobats Bentley and Jag Bentley with the paper tags

Me and ducoup in the coupe drop the top and raise the roof

Diamond rocks in every tooth c nile all about the loot

Now I can't sleep at night

Pulling out my ice the day will come for us to ride on leather

I'm not worried bout a thing popping diamonds on my pinky ring

We grippin grain and popping trunks upon ya

Now there was playa plex with the Eastcoast

But the Southside holding it down we grippin grain

We grippin grain and popping trunks upon ya

I just wanna roll with you

We grippin grain down south cause its time to get paid

Big willie new come phillie money hopping on blades

Ass sinking in leather but there aint nuthin better

Than a top dropper trunk popper Down South go getter

No chasing cars in the sun rocks go rockin no fun

Now im waving my one cause my job is done

Nationwide here I come praise wood in my trunk

Swinging wide bubble eyes banging screwed or funked

They didn't believe I can wreck it but I don't no what they expected

>From a nigga whose neighborhood is strait drug and Benz'

Holding down our plexes swinging wide in my Lexus

Smooth spot haters crawl as I floss through Texas

Feelin good on the lean tossed up looking clean

Baggettes bezetines 50 rocks in my ring

Though my diamonds don't glitter when I'm up on the scene

And they be jockin but lockin Kool-Aid looking clean


They telling me its going down on the southside of town

We grippin grain

We grippin grain and poppin trunks upon ya

I just wan to roll with you

And now you see just how it goes 3rd coast throwin down for sure

Ain't a roley on the hoes we throw got wheels and dough

Gotta gleam some more it's 3 or 4 CD blowin

My ac blowin candy glowing all across the nation

Drop my weight somebody hatin

I'm lil pat carrying yung grippin grain just for fun

Candy beatin me in the sun hop out the truck called number one

Playa would feeling good showin off you wish you could

Diamonds up against the wood

Does his thing near every hood

Showin up skated up 20 inch on truck to truck pinky close to clut

You looking real good keep showin up

Jump in the hearse driving in circles dropping screen watchin Urkel

Turn the channel now im watching Kirk

Eject that tape out cut the verse from the side to back in the Cadillac

Still two corners round Mr. Crat

Slangin gots a hun' showed sum yung

And the niggas all got lil Barbara sprung

Raise the wheels aint fuck with the real

flipping double 0 seal in the racer feel

Blaze to kill buy some here candy red they gots to spill


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