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Artist: Yvonne Breathnach
Song Title: The House where I was born
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Sun shines bright through cobweb leaves
Casting a light on the torn eaves
Window flaps in the summer breeze
On a bright clear summer morn
Reflecting back when I was young
To the kitchen where the rafters rang
'Twas many a fine old song was sang
In the house where I was born

Built with clay and rugged stone
With Thatchers' reed its roof was sown
Though fallen now, it's still my home
Like a rose among the thorns
The limestone floor where first I crept
The windy loft where first I slept
Memories of the day I left
The house where I was born

Leaving wasn't easy on that day so long ago
Pack your bags and leave it all
Answering a far off call
And a promise made, to soon return again

I still could hear the music play
As we danced until the light of day
But tomorrow I will go away
And my heart is full of woe
Standing by the old half door
As I left to seek a foreign shore
Wondering if I'd see once more
The house where I was born

Round the hearth when nights were cold
Crickets sang while tales were told
Of far off lands and days of old
Till the clock would ring his warning
As a child I'd sometimes sit and glance
At the bellows wheel I'd wait my chance
To watch the flames appear and dance
In the house where I was born

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