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Artist: A4apple
Song Title: Nowhere To End
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watching your shadow is never enough
To know what your feeling hidden in you
Trying a way out to make you understand
If you could only read out my mind
You will know that i got no nowhere to end
Now walking with sorrows far behind you
For all things that i've done for all that i've wrong
Trying a way out to heal up my wounds
cause i can never think of life without you
You should know that i still got nowhere to end
* Fallen so deep inside i cannot escaped
Your love is all that i need
To save me from tears
Can't let you go..oh..
'cause nowhere to end
Now i've realize what i done that hurting you bad
Know i don't never mean to wish you goodbye
So you keep running away from me
Let me one more chance this time i swear
And you will know that we'll never find
Nowhere to end
(repeat *)
wish i could beeline to some other day
And stir new hope in you to share out the views
I wanna let to make you mine
You got to know we gotta find
Nowhere to end....

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