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Artist: A 1
A 1 Author
Album: The A List (2000)
A 1 - The A List Album
Song Title: celebrate our love
Genre: Rock: Pop-Rock
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Belive in your heart,
No matter what the people may say
The chance you take could take you to the top

Listen up-
You know you gotta throw fear away
Together we can make it,
Shake it up baby

Hear the voices rock the nation,
A calling to the skies
I can see eternity,is in your eyes
Come on everybody there's a party
to go to
There holding out for you!
With every chance you take,
a change you make
The start of something new

All around the world they're singing,
Calling out a new beginning
Oh-oh-oh- celebrate our love
Peopple with imagination
Everywhere a celebration
Oh-oh-oh- celebrate our love!

Good to be free,
Living out our own destiny
The beat will last forever -
Never stop

Gotta move -
You know we gotta groove into the light
Tonight will be the night that,
We're breaking it up
Break it down baby

Break - Chorus

Oh-oh,oh-oh,na na na na na
Oh-oh,oh-oh - celebrate our love

Let the rhythm take control,
Feel the fire burn within your soul
There's a magic in your eyes,
Forever we can take the -
Music thru the night


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