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Artist: A 1
A 1 Author
Album: The A List (2000)
A 1 - The A List Album
Song Title: Scared
Genre: Rock: Pop-Rock
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I've walked
the jungle
Fought a lion with bare hands
The Prince of Darkness
I'm a far better man!

I've crossed the desert,
Never feared for my own
Where lightning strikes - I'll always go!

Eye of the tiger, not afraid to attack
Left Frankenstein - flat on his back
That witches` magic, just aint nothing to see
Cos` you are the one, who cast a spell onto me!!

If you're looking for danger, here I come
You better look out, it's just begun
There's something that I want you to know

Chorus: The one thing that I'm scared of
Is losing hold of you
I get the shivers down my spine
Feel my body turning blue
The feeling is so frightening
It's driving me insane
Chorus: The one thing that I'm scared of
Is losing hold of you

The Terminator - said he never be back
Fight fire with fire that's a natural fact

Tell me your nightmare, and I'll give you my dream
I will protect you - whenever you scream

Because you're always there
To let me know - sometimes we all get scared
I'm telling you I can't let you go

Chorus - ad libs

I can feel it in the air, and my fever's going down
There's a chill across the town

The one thing that I'm scared of is
Losing hold of you


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