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Artist: A Perfect Circle
A Perfect Circle Author
Album: Mer De Noms (2001)
A Perfect Circle - Mer De Noms Album
Song Title: Sleeping Beauty
Genre: Rock: Alternative
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Sleeping Beauty Delusional
I believed I could cure it all for you dear
Coax or trick or drive or
drag the demons from you
Make it right for you
Sleeping Beauty truly for
I could magically heal you

Far beyond a visible sign of your awakening
Failing Miserably to rescue Sleeping Beauty

Drunk on ego, truly thought I could make it right
If I kissed you one more time to help you face the nightmare
But you're far too poison for me such a fool to think that I could
Wake you from your slumber, that I could actually heal you

Sleeping beauty poisoned and hopeless
Far beyond a visible sign of your awakening
Failing Miserably to find a way to comfort you
Far beyond a visible sign of your awakening
Hiding from some poisoned memory

Poisoned and hopeless Sleeping Beauty

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