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Artist: Aaliyah
Aaliyah Author
Album: I Care 4 You (2002)
Aaliyah - I Care 4 You Album
Song Title: Dont Worry
Genre: R&B: Soul
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Theres no need for you,
It aint what you think,
So dont worry,

[Verse 1]
You remember back in the day when,
We thought it was special,
When we always stayed down,
No matter where we went youd stay in touch,
Two people that were just so in love,
Now you probably aint feelin much,
Like things aint really been the way they used to be,
And you say it seems like I changed,
But Im still the same.

[Chorus (2X)]
Theres no need for you,
(To worry bout me)
(Dont worry bout me)
It aint what you think,
(You still got me)
So dont worry,
(Dont worry bout, dont worry bout me)
Even though it seems,
(Youre losing me)
And things,
(Aint what they used to be)
(I aint gonna leave)
Dont worry,
(Dont worry bout, dont worry bout me)

[Verse 2]
I was headin out to Cali,
For a show,
Said that on Tuesday,
Id be home,
Left a message on your voicemail
Sayin Id call you later,
To inform you Im alright,
Now you callin,
Just to tell me that you heard,
I was seen in a Bentley with my girls,
So Im on my way to a spot where people hang,
But nothings changed.

[Chorus (2X)]

Theres no need to
Worry bout what
I do when Im away.

(Dont worry bout a damn thing)
Dont worry bout what I do in my time,
(Dont worry bout a damn thing)
Dont worry bout how I do when I put it down,
(Dont worry bout a damn thing)
Trust in my everythings gonna be alright,
Gonna work it out, be home tonight.

[Chorus (2X)]

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