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Artist: Aaliyah
Aaliyah Author
Album: 4 Page Letter (2004)
Aaliyah - 4 Page Letter Album
Song Title: Down With The Clique
Genre: Blues
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First Verse:
Well now I guess it's time for me to wreck shop,
So show your peace while the beat drops,
And if you're in the house just throw your hands up,
And let me see my brothas and sistas spread luv
And if you're not down there's sumthin wrong see,
'Cause see my project homies, they got my back G,
Droppin' a old school with a new school..
PA's in the house and it's a good thang..

Well if you down with the clique,
let me hear you say (I'm down wit it)
(repeat 4X)

Second Verse:
Now it's a phone checker, I musn't do this
And if you didn't know I thought you knew this,
It took a little time but now it's on see
You been waiting for so long to beep me...hmmm...
So check check check it out, all the dogs in the house (woof woof woof),
So pump your fist in the air and say,
R. Kelly's on the track and it's a good thang

Well if you down with the clique,
let me hear you say (I'm down wit it)
(repeat 4X)

(break it down)
tonite is the night that I...
I take you boy and I put you in my good thang all night...

R.Kelly Rap:
First we have the Black ground posse in her clique
Then we have the funky second chapter in her clique
PA's in the house and yes you know they're in her clique
And all the project homies are down with the clique
Well now we have the double x-tra large in her clique
Plus we have the DA to the Smahd in her clique
Then we have the down town possee in her clique
Peace to the hood cause ya down with her clique

(chorus repeat til' fade out

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