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Artist: Aarne Tenkanen
Song Title: Under The Blue Sky
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So lovely the blue sky looks and so lovely the things around.
See love glittered my eyes and happiness surrounds.
It seems in a moment everything has changed like a lovely world I found.
Whispering in my ears when you say all lovely things
You know baby how lovely your words sound
In a moment my world has turned around
I got a lovely world, yeah a lovely world that I found.

Sometimes life seems so new
Sometimes I don?t live in a world that I knew
Sometimes even living in plenty, i see only a few
Baby my life is changed by you
So life seems so new, yeah it?s true
You changed my life baby, it?s only you

Baby you sat by my side
See there is no feeling left in my heart to hide
Baby you shined my life and now you r my meaning of life.
When you were not in my life, life was so dry
You came like an angel to give a new meaning to my life.

Now every dream that I dreamt turned true
The girl of my dream is only you
Hey now my world is our world and so it looks so new
Baby take my everything, take all my love
It?s for you, baby my love is for you.

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