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Artist: Abigor
Abigor Author
Album: Supreme Immortal Art (1998)
Abigor - Supreme Immortal Art Album
Song Title: SATAN IN ME
Genre: Metal: Death, Black
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Enter the path to the realm below
Where evil sleeps and darkness grows
For you don't know where I've been
And you don't know what I've seen
You can't feel what I felt
And you can't go where I've dwelt
For I am the blood you bleed
And the death you'll see
I am the sign of Satan to bring forth the night
Infernal chanting - as the secrets revealed before my eyes
Lost for evermore, lost in nevermore
As I've wept one thousand tears
And dreamed one thousand dreams
Now here I stand, flesh and blood
My soul reflects a stream of ice
As your blood flows in the dark
Your fears are calling as I left my mark
So here's my confession
Yet far beyond expression
For I am death and I am birth
Your incarnated fear
And when you're dead you'll dream of me
Live in your illusions - die in your illusions
Restless throughout unseen dimensions I've wandered
Now I stand forth to challenge the laws of man and god
I'll rise the banner of the strong, for earth shall be mine
My hate are the stars, but soon they'll fall

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