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Artist: Accept
Accept Author
Album: Objection Overruled (1993)
Accept - Objection Overruled Album
Song Title: Donation
Genre: Metal
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It's way past noon - i just woke up
Man - i feel like shit
One drink too much - took me right out
How the hell did i get home

Was still in bed when i heard the door
Somebody kept on knockin'
And there she was - neat as a pin
Smile on the face - staring down at me

There she was - there she was
Asking for a little donation
There she was - there she was
Shakin' more than my foundations

So i asked her in - to my surprise
She didn't waste no time
She took off her dress - kicked off her shoes
And threw away her glasses

She was here - she said - to save my soul
Asking for a little donation
I gave her all i had to give
Waiting for my salvation

There she was - there she was
Praying for a little donation
On her knees - there she was
Shakin' more than my foundations

- there she was
Begging for a little donation
Down on her knees -
She rocked me down to my foundations - down to my foundations

It's all for a good purpose
But it ain't for charity
It's all for a good purpose
She came for money - and gave her dignity

C.o.d. - chanty - no charge
C.o.d. - chanty - no fees
C.o.d. - charity
C.o.d. - charity

C.o.d. - charity - she came - she saw- she conquered
C.o.d. - charity
C.o.d. - charity - she came - she saw - she had it from me
C.o.d. - charity

C.o.d. - charity - down
C.o.d. - charity - down on me
C.o.d. - charity - oh lord
C.o.d. - charity - she's sucking out the devil, the devil in me

You know - i'm good
Do you like my holy donation
Just call on me - when ever you want
And rock me down to my foundations

- there she was
Asking for a little donation
Don't ever stop - don't spill a drop
Keep a shakin' on'a my foundations

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