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Artist: Acheron
Acheron Author
Album: Anti-God, Anti-Christ (1996)
Acheron - Anti-God, Anti-Christ Album
Song Title: Blessed By Damnation
Genre: Rock
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[Intro #3]
The Christian concept of God - God as God of the sick, God as spider, God as
spirit - is one of the most corrupt conceptions of god arrived at on this
earth: perhaps it even represents the low-water mark in the descending
development of the god type. God degenerated to the contadiction of life,
insetad of being the transfiguration and eternal Yes! In God a declaration of
hostility towards life, nature, the will to life! God the formula for every
calumny of 'this world', for every lie about 'the next world'! In God
nothingness defied, the will to nothingness sanctified!...

Infernal flames soothe my condemned soul, as torture becomes lust
Burning flesh becomes a painful pleasure in the bowels of the abyss

Blessed by damnation, blessed by damnation

Screams of anguish turn into bliss, while skin is being scorched
The fires blazing throughout this barren land brings forth enless ecstasy

Burn, I shall burn, as Hell consumes my soul
Burn, forever burn, darkness has full control

Boiling blood and disfigured bodies are found within this place
Before Satan, I have given all to become part of his creation

Blessed by damnation, blessed by damnation

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