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Artist: Acroma
Acroma Author
Album: Orbitals (Advance) (2003)
Acroma - Orbitals (Advance) Album
Song Title: Dont Think Just Move
Genre: Alternative
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I've already spent
Time in delirium
I've already been
To the other side and back again

Will this ever be?
The same will this ever mean anything
Will this ever be?
Anything more than a broken daydream

And what makes us behave in this way?
Don't think just move in this way
And what makes us behave in this way?
Don't think just move in this way

And what makes us behave in this way?
Don't think just move in this way
And what makes us behave in this way?
Don't think just move in this way

The loss of sound the silence waits
The loss of sight the darkness waits
The loss of touch the coldness waits
Don't think just move

Don't think just move

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