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Artist: Across The Sky
Song Title: Masquerade
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For so long I've been
Putting all my effort into you
My heart is bare
I've been looking everywhere for truth
You know...
Exactly what you're doing to me
But that's okay...
'Cause I'm not playing anymore

I see what you're trying to hide
It didn't take me long to realize
You can't fool me with your disguise
I can see right through your lying eyes
You took your shot, pushed me around
You're never gonna take me down
So get out of my face...
With your masquerade

Since I've moved on
Things are going everyway but wrong
It's a brighter day (across the sky)
A new life, new friends
It's got me wondering where I've been
I was in a haze
I know...
That you're still bearing down on me
That's okay...
'Cause I'm not running anymore


When it all comes down
You won't have control over me
You can shape it how you want
But you have been revealed

You took your shot, pushed me around
You're never gonna take me down


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