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Artist: Adagio
Adagio Author
Album: Sanctus Ignus (2001)
Adagio - Sanctus Ignus Album
Song Title: In Nomine...
Genre: Metal: Progressive
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Your grace was the key to cast our sins.
In a world of sorrow and despair
So that one day we'll jin him
Rise eternal filled prayer
Ave Maria
The voice, of thou Forever
In our hearts
we rejoice your sacred words.
Betrayed by the victims of desire
On an endless journeyto paradise
If you obey this evil,
Your reward will be sacrifice.
Ave Maria
The voice, of thou Forever
In our hearts
we will pray for all of our sins
Ave Maria
The voice, of thou Forever
In our hearts
we rejoice your sacred words.
Ave Maria
The voice, of thou Forever
In our hearts
we will pray for all of our sins

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