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Artist: Adams Bryan
Adams Bryan Author
Album: On A Day Like Today (1998)
Adams Bryan - On A Day Like Today Album
Song Title: Fearless
Genre: Rock: Pop-Rock
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it's 3 am - and i'm lying here next to you
what cha gonna do?
will you tell a story - when he asks you where the hell
you've been
or will you tell the truth?

i ain't holdin' back - i know where i stand
u just want to be with you
ya gotta face the fact - bay i'm your man
i've gotta get it through to you
i'm fearless

you don't have to hide - you don't have to share half your
with some other guy
baby we're so strong - and i^'s been goin gon so long
it's time to make it rifht - want you to spend the night

i ain't holdin^back - i know where i stand
u just want to be with you
ya gotta face the fact - bay i'm your man
i've gotta get it through to you
i'm fearless

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