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Artist: Adams Bryan
Adams Bryan Author
Song Title: Whats It Gonna Be
Genre: Pop
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If it was up to me
I'd say it's his decision
And maybe you should wait and see
You haven't got a choice
You gotta second guess him
So go ahead

What's it gonna be
Well you need an answer
What's it gonna be
All you get is no reply

If it was up to you
You'd say you need protection
When all you really need is me
Now that's the bottom line
It's your sincere intention
So go ahead

What's it gonna be
Well you need an answer
What's it gonna be
All you get is no reply

What's it gonna be
Well you need an answer
What's it gonna be
All you get is no reply

You've been waiting for so long
Now you say you can't go on
You can't go on, oh no

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