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Artist: Addict
Song Title: Caned
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Long face lines trace the time
Memories that you hold dear
Swear you've been blessed by years
Routine that's kept you here
So long, so long
Strong, how much stronger, stronger than me
Pull a little harder
Until you pull free
Caned young to stop the bend
Up before the world awakes
Won't leave your home behind
Bones like leviathans of pride
Inside, inside
Strong, how much stronger you always were
Pull a little harder
You're almost there
We alll harbour prejudice
We all want more than we have
But when it all fades away
Underneath we are the same
Strong, how much stronger, stronger than me
Pull a little harder
Until you pull free
Strong, how much stronger, you always were
Pull a little harder
You're almost there
You're almost there

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