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Artist: Adkins Trace
Adkins Trace Author
Album: Comin' On Strong (2003)
Adkins Trace - Comin
Song Title: One Of Those Nights
Genre: Country
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have you ever had
one of those days
when you wake up feelin' good
so good that you could tae the whole world on
one of those days
when you just know
no matter what
nothin' in the world could go wrong
well thats the way i feel this mornin'
but, baby i just gotta say
i always have one of those days

after one of those nights
just like last night
oh my, what a beautiful thing
just you and me
those tangled sheets
were wrapped around us
baby, thanks to your love
it was one of those nights that leads
tright to one of those days that leads
right to one of those nights

have you ever had
one of those smiles
you just cant wipe away
the sweet anticipations too strong
one of those smiles you wear all day
;cause you can taste the kis of passion waitin' back home
well thats the one im wearing right now
but baby you always leave
one of those smiles on me

(repeat chorus)

when everythings perfect
when you want me
you touch me
you move me

(repeat chorus)

one of those nights that leads
to one of those days that leads
right to one of those nights
one of those nights
when everythings perfect
one of those nights
oh, one of those nights
i need another one of thoe nights baby
another one of those nights

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