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Artist: Admiral Twin
Song Title: Phone Call 27
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penelope, i guanantee
you've never seen a thing like this
gravity has taken leave from my bedroom
you must must come and see me
i'm bouncing high above my bed
and all the spiders outside

penelope, you must believe
the sun will always shine on me
and i will wear this golden hat for
no one else
you must come... you must come and see me
the sun will blind us and we'll fall about
together, my dear

penelope, you must agree
i've spilt like milk inside your head
and you must be very glad i've called again
you must come... you must come and see me
i'll chant your name until you're stepping
off the bus here today
until you're climbing up the steps
to my room
i'll be waiting on the edge of the ledge
i'll chant your name until i see you again

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