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Artist: Adrian Belew
Adrian Belew Author
Album: Here (1994)
Adrian Belew - Here Album
Song Title: Survival In The Wild
Genre: Jazz
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Underneath a burning sky
The tenants of the fire
Sit in silence as they ponder
Survival in the wild

With our love to keep us up
There is nothing in the world
That can knock us down
We can take whatever comes
If we face it hand in hand
We can stand our ground

Just a couple of kids with clouds in our heads
Trying to swim upstream; trying to make it good
But it happened so fast; when disaster came
That a river of teardrops couldn't wash it away

How do we now view ourselves,
Sitting victims in a shelter needing help?
How do we now regain control
Over the remnants of our life without a home?

If a bomb had hit us, nothing less would remain
Not a wall to lean on; not a fork or a plate
But at least we made it out and we're still alive
And we're starting over now in the middle of the night

It's a matter of time; a struggle to survive
But it doesn't need to be a lonely fight
If we stand by each other
We'll be sure of our survival in the wild

Underneath a burning sky
The tenants of the fire
Sit in silence as they ponder
Survival in the wild

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