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Artist: Adrift In Scarlet
Song Title: And Julie Is No More
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The silence came so suddenly
no longer can i hear her breath
her grip of my hand now faded
so this is how it all would end

and julie is no more
my love walked out the door
from which she?ll never be returning
i hold her in my arms
i wish the nothing her may harm
whereever she is going

never thought i would be the one
the bleeder, the one left behind
the flesh of time is crying
blood red tears from a wound never to heal

the silence screams in me
it?s echoes howls (it cannot be)
from tears my eyes are burning
the fire eats away
the marks the sorrow and dismay
paint death across my face
paint it black

sleep my love
grow one with earth
stay true to your nature
don?t ever dream of the above
let your spirit wander among the wolves
howl under the thousand faced moon
one day i will join you
and that day is coming soon

dark years die slow
just like an angel bleeding in the snow
white turns to red, death lies ahead

the silence came so suddenly
no longer i am to breath
the grip of life has faded
mourning has come to an end

and life shall be no more
i followed through the door
where love lasts forever
i hold her in my arms
embrace the wolves charm
it?s loving yellow eyes
as yellow as mine

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