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Artist: Afu-ra
Afu-ra Author
Song Title: Crossfire
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f/ M.O.P.

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[Lil Fame] hey hey hey hey hey

[Afu-Ra] I don't want to be a rap dude no more

[Billy Danze] Nigga!

[Lil Fame]

Yo come back with that shit pause your argue lent

G's bang it out homeboy fuck the argument

Still on top of my game holding the fork

But the situation got me inpatient start blowing your torch

The fizzy move, the fizzy move

At fizzy (home) four O, no doubt

Cus I am a BK villain

And this year I 'm passing out brass knuckle ass wiping

Ten years in this bitch, fuck it, Switch speeds

I been spitting this venom since the age of fifteen

But you wanna be the Jordan of rap

An I' be catch you on the rebound slam dunk two in your back

You aint shit, never was shit, never gone be shit

I'm the cold Medina DP shit, AH (AH)

Authentic true blue believe it ill be back for the 2 o's 2

[Chorus 1]

(Scratching) Bone crushing, bone breaking

Now what you rock for

We in the making you move like is a dead zone

Steady.(Scratching) causing damage.

Now what you stop for

We hit you off for the brain that what we came for


You see I' m faster than you faster than anybody

Fast like a hottie doing a buck sixty on the Bacadi

You couldn't spare my rage F the Porsche-a

You know I squash ya'

Daddy yo I'm hotter than Chinese chilly sauce mixed with musavie

I'm sick in the head invisible fleds

I'm shooting the stars I'm blacking the whites to blues

That right yeah

I'm sickening with the kung fu

More complex then mixo flicks or were I yank a bitch

Supposing a remix stick with some sick shit

Pistachio absolute Tanqueray mix with tequila

I'm instillina a willina and killing ya' (killing ya')

Mother sucking fire breathing Godzilla

Ayo this party right here is straight fire, (FIYAHH)

Life Force, M.O.P we take it higher

(Scratching) Bone (Scratching) crushing

(Scratching) Bone (Scratching) breaking

[Chorus 2]

(Scratching) Bone crushing, bone breaking

Now who do you rock for

We in the making you moves that's why came for

Steady.(Scratching) causing damage.

Now what you stop for

We stimulating the brain thats why we came for

(Scratching) Bone crushing, bone breaking

Now what you rock for

We in the making you move like is a dead zone

Steady.(Scratching) causing damage.

Now what you stop for

We hit you off for the brain that what we came for

[Billy Danze]

Let's pop it off (yes sir who that is?)

William Danze one of the illest ever

That spit sparks with from both hands

I learn these criminal ways

Were criminals blaze at everything above waistline

You take mine you aint that bad you must be mad

You fucking faggot got mixed up with another dude

May peace and blessings be upon you

How you doing brother do, No

Look if I was in a position of giving us faith (Listen)

Osama Bin Laden would have been shot in his face (Missing)

Like every life he destroy in the World Trade

I aint got no patients for the faggot less great

Couldn't wait to hit the wake, with an O.G staff

Trained to shake'em, take'em and break'em in half

Using heavy caliber weapons for clearing the path

The same as we do in the ave nigga

Look (Look) is the legendary M.O.Piggidy back

Murdering tracks with Afu-Rigidy black


[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

(repeat twice)

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