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Artist: Afu-ra
Afu-ra Author
Album: Body Of The Life Foce (0)
Afu-ra - Body Of The Life Foce Album
Song Title: Self Mastery
Genre: Rap: Hip-Hop
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The key is self mastery, mentally and physically
Escapin dramas, plaguin the world, it's never easy, g
Society is straight up, set up to hurt you
Indirectly, with god logic, it's diabolic
Let me kick it most importantly trick-nology
Leave that similac alone, breast feed your seeds
The gift of motherhood, you pass on your antibodies
Defense against sickness, unwanted virus
Realize we came to this land by savage pirates
Never migrated, forced dehydrated
Instrumental tools, so knowledge dilapidated
Forced to bring it back, the most high heals the wounds
From the time you conceived, to the day you lay in tombs
Reeducate thy self from spoken fables
Descendants of the kings and queens who made it stable
Whose anatomy contains royal genealogy
You're no the minority, the unseen majority
Communicatin brother to brother before a dialect
Developed longevity, built the first community
Understood the science of healin through herbology
First open heart surgery was under king zoasa
Erectin pyramids livin off the nile river
There's so many unknown facts about self, i shiver
I stop a second, think to myself, it make me quiver
I must reach right inside of the self and just deliver
Rays of light of the sun, through the stratus
Peace as i release this apparatus

Mastery, mentally and physically
Mastery, mentally and physically
Mastery, mentally and physically
Mastery, mentally and physically
Escapin dramas plaguin the world is never easy g
Mastery, mentally and physically
Mastery, mentally and physically
Mastery, mentally and physically
Escapin dramas plaguin the world is never easy g

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