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Artist: Against All Authority
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Song Title: The Source Of Strontuim 90
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Like a good friend
The shadow from the landfill
Visits my house everyday
The glow from the reactor
Keeps me warm at night
And I always feel safe
That was yesterday
Now they're telling me
That you've exposed me to your sickness
And I know it's just a song
but you can take it and you can stick it
Where the fucking sun don't sunshine
Cause it don't round here no more
And lately I've been inclined
To strike a few different chords
With no apologies
We're going down
With best regards from Turkey Point
You raped the land and sea and sky
And now it's us that you exploit
And I know I shouldn't drink the water
Or breathe too deeply anymore
A stench settles on Princeton
When it rains sometimes
And it's absorbed
Into every pore
And they're telling me
And still they offer no apology
And they show no remorse
The glow from the reactor
Chokes the stars at night
And I know the source

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