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Artist: Ahmad
Song Title: Ordinary People
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Ordinary people

[ verse 1 ]
Oops, i guess i should stop singin and start bringin the funk
The niggeroe sings a rap and have you clappin
I gets busy, cause i never fall, i excel
Never takin no shorts, so here's my tall tale
Once upon the clock
It was hard growing up with no pops
But moms did the supernatural, very
Person that she is
She finished college, three kids at home cryin
But never got fed up, and kept her head up
'i shoot for the sky' is what she said, it
Got embedded
In my skull
That's how i got soul
To reach ya through your speaker
My mother alone helped me to be me
So that's my role model, not an idiot on tv
Used to do it like this
And like that, and like this
But since she never let me join a gang
I couldn't g thang
So for all her prayers at night under the church steeple
I give thanks to my mother, one of those very extra-ordinary people

[ verse 2 ]
Now dig it, 2-(4)-6-8
I guess that i appreciate
And consider that niggas who work hard is the superstars
(ordinary) people with families, that have kids
Should be put on a pedestal, not average
Treatment for our mother and fathers, and if you ask me
I'll say: you put your family first, before an athlete
But everybody wanna be somebody special, who
Can grab a microphone, or put a ball through a hoop
And it's okay to like mike
Even i would, if i drank gatorade
But i'm too busy funkin your trunk with all this 808
To worry about that, i'm worried bout this
If you agree, then pump your fist
If you're proud (say it loud!)
To show you're pissed
Off at the news and media, because they swear
That all black people are menaces and holler and cheer
But since there's so many others that want justice, i know we will
Start respectin others as brothers and come together, all of the...
Ordinary people

[ verse 3 ]
Ordinary people make the world turn
I learned that if you work hard in life
Then it counts the way the balls bounce
I wrote this to give a message, i'll be glad if it
Switches your goal from bein a gangsta to a graduate
And if you listened close to what i said, you learned a lesson, and
Heard that all the average jones' are no greater, or no lesser than
Stars, cause all we all are is equal
So shut off your tv set, and show respect to some of the...
Ordinary people

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