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Artist: Ajalon
Song Title: Girl On A Swing
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Winter has come.
The leaves have all departed.
Only the bones of trees remain.
A girl on a swing, alone and broken hearted
dangles between frozen chains.

Her life is a string of dreams and disappointments
how she got here shell never know.
Deeply she aches for someone she can cling to
as tears tunnel down through the snow.

So many broken and time wont heal their heartaches.
When will their answer be revealed.
There is a beacon who drives away their darkness.
Turn to the cross upon the hill.

The girl on a swing is quickened by a whisper
drifting along the bitter breeze.
She does not see her Savior weeping with her
calling her name through the trees.


From somewhere inside a voice of peace and comfort
pierces the armor of her shame.
Nothing to lose she lifts her hands to heaven.
Head bowed she calls out His name.


Are you lonely? Are you empty? Turn to Me and be filled.
Are you broken? Are you weary? Turn to Me and be healed.

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