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Artist: Akacia
Song Title: An Other Life
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It's the dawn
of the long existential angst
the antacid blues
and your bleary eyed dreams

The backdrop
to a mundane 9 to 5 life
serving remote ends
to obliquely set themes

Catch a flight to Amsterdam
three days to get your mind off things
Timeless skies and atmosphere
sphere to sphere
and rings to rings

Caught in a moment of the illusion of self-sovereignty
Lost in a moment of the illusion of self-sovereignty
Paved the way
to a new born light
centered in the core of your mind
unrestrained and not yet tamed

it glares at you thru the
cracks in what you know
and beckons you to go
an unfamiliar way

And the distant howling of the wolves
and the impending collapse of all time
belie the distress of the client
who wants to know which outfit to buy

And one day
overwhelmed by the sense
of your own sarcastic humor
in your ego's last defense

The sunrise at your back
and so with your commute
now instead another track
to create a new you

Thirty hours driving
to an underdeveloped land
where your ID is your handshake
and you hold your life in your hands

Is this the height of madness
or the height of majesty?
Is this really the answer
or purely insanity

In the fields thru the day
sun's blinding light
a man who works with his hands

and a sense of pride
fills you like ice
and for the first time in your life, you sleep soundly at night

Dust you are,
and to dust you shall return
to the ground

Dust you are,
and to dust you shall return
to the ground

filling all the words
with meaning
building ki

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