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Artist: Akins Rhett
Song Title: Love You Back
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Seventeen, Kara Leigh Baker was settin' my dreams on fire
Back of the class I was sinkin' so fast
Drownin' in my own desire
I wrote poems and songs and letters
Askin' her if she'd been mine
We graduated that May 'til this very day
I'm still waitn' on her reply

You can love somebody
You can love somebody that's a natural fact
You can love somebody
But the hard part's findin' somebody who'll love you back
Yeah findin' somebody who will love you back

Well the years have gone by and I realize
Nothin' really much has changed
Still searchin' high and low for that single souls
Carryin' a mutual flame
Well I had a few dear near misses
Sayin' they could hear the music play
But I marched on believin' just to find
I was leadin' another one man parade

But I aint' givin' up
Oh it means too much to me
But it's gotta be right
In givin' as well as recieve

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