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Artist: Akinyele
Song Title: Juan Valdez, Love
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In the name of the father the son the holy spirit
I dios meo
Send me a girl to love
A girl to fuck
A girl who love me for me
Juan valdez
A latin queen where i can walk the fucking beach with
Ondelay ondelay ondelay

(papa suave) hook
(spanish talk)

I see sexy ladies everyday
You no say which one i deals with today
You look so good my latin queen
Together me and you can experience american dream
Let's fly over the titanic
And go to the hispanic land
Where the beach exist only when you holding hands
Walking through the sand
(spanish talk)
Let me be your man
And they say that jackass gave for donkey knog
My balls slap on my thighs when i walk like ping pong
Got little like king kong
Far from mighty conga
Guns with banana clip like black (?)
Strip you butt naked like (?)
Face down on the tongue
Bang bang dong dong
I got ricky ricardo tattoed on my chest
I got selina's name tatooed on my chest
I got tony montana tatooed on my chest
And the guy who sing lambada tatooed on my chest
And all these tatoos is what i'm trying to says
You can't get me cause i'm juan val-e-dez
Juan valdez
Si, hello fuck the feds
My guns go boom bang
To this day i say fuck (?) roberto durang rang
But i'm looking for a wife man


(papa suave)
(more spanish talk)

This is for all the girls i fucked before
Juan valdez
I don't wants to deal with whores no more
Juan valdez
All the girls who stood with me when i wore
Juan valdez
Todays you rich yesterdays you was poor
Juan valdez


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