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Artist: Al Jarreau
Al Jarreau Author
Album: Jarreau (1990)
Al Jarreau - Jarreau Album
Song Title: Step By Step
Genre: Jazz
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Step by step I'll follow you
Everywhere you roam, whoa
Step by step I'll follow through
Comin' to bring you home, whoa

I keep reachin' out for you
Wondering if I'm touchin' you
You say "Yeah"
But when it's on the line
you are nearly mine
Then you're off and gone
again, ooh

Lady be kind,
lady be mine
Lady divine,
I adore you
Give me a sign,
where is it goin' to
Will of the wisp,
maid of the mist
Forever and ever
waitin' for you
My name on a list
I never did this till you

Step by step I'm keepin' time
Lady it's runnin' low, whoa
Step by step just makin' time
And I want to make it grow,

There's a diamond in the sun
There's somebody for everyone
There's a movie that you know
that makes you smile
Love ain't everything
But girl we should try it
for a while


My father told me it's okay
to be lonely
Just don't be taken for the fool
I sit here waitin' anticipatin'
I think I broke my daddy's rule

Let go and let it be ' cause
I can't bear to see
us lose the best we ever had


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