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Artist: Al Stewart
Al Stewart Author
Song Title: Midnight Rocks
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You say with best intention, lets throw away convention
Set sail across the water, to find the tides of fortune
I say please understand it, dont' let our love be stranded
upon the midnight rocks, upon the midnight rocks

You say theres no endeavour, we couldn't try together
no storm we couldn't weather, we'll ride the wind forever
I hear the words you've spoken, don't let our love be broken
Upon the midnight rocks, oh yeah, upon the midnight rocks. know you know its easy let it go believe me know you know you feel it
Ahhh...don't lose it when you need it

I know that fascination, with living each sensation
in your imagination, theres is no hesitation
I know your mind is turning, don't let our love lie burning
upon the midnight rocks, oh yeah, upon the midnight rocks.

I know that fascination, with living each sensation
in your imagination, there is no hesitation
I say please understand it, don't let our love be stranded
Upon the midnight rocks.

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