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Artist: Alex To
Song Title: Sha la la
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I thought I had no chance
Thought I never find romance
There's an empty space still left in my heart
Then you came alone
Giving lyrics to my song
I'll never be alone in the night
Girl as long as you're there holding me tight
I'm so involved with you
My heart is in your hand
So now you understand

Sha la la
You are the only one I dream of
Sha la la
You are the one that makes me feel love

I know it's a new day
Cause I've never felt this way
You can see it by the smile on my face
There's no reason why
I can't keep you satisfied
You look at me and I look at you
I know automatically what to do
Girl just close your eyes and I'll take you there
Just throw away your cares

Sha la la
You are the only one I dream of
Sha la la
You are the one that makes me feel love

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