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Artist: Alexander ONeal
Alexander ONeal Author
Album: Alexander O'Neal (2002)
Alexander ONeal - Alexander O
Song Title: A Broken Heart Can Mend
Genre: R&B: Soul
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A broken heart
A broken heart
A broken heart can mend
A broken heart
A broken heart
A broken heart can mend
Sometimes I'm scared to get too serious
I get the feeling that I'm all locked in
You might be the girl who will break my heart
If I take this chance and go out on a limb
I know from experience
When you fall in love
Something sure do break your heart
Repeat chorus
I can't get awake of sleep
I'm always wondering who you're with
So if I keep you near to me
I'm gonna save myself a lot of grief
And maybe I'll fall in love
If you catch my fall
And you never break my heart baby
Repeat chorus 3 times
Oh girl
Oh baby
It takes a little time
Then you van love again
But I ain't got the time
To get through another heartbreak
(I I I I A broken heart can mend)
(I I I I A broken heart can mend)

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