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Artist: Alexia
Alexia Author
Song Title: I Never Loved a Man
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Youre a no good heartbreaker

Your a liar and your a cheat

And I dont know why

I let you do these things to me

My friends keep tellin me

That you aint no good

Whoa-oh-oh but they dont know

That Id leave you if I could

I guess Im all uptight

And Im stuck like glue

Cause I aint never, I aint never

I aint never, no no

Loved a man, the way that i, I love a you

Some time ago I thought

You would run out of fools

But I was so wrong

You gotta one that youll never lose

The way you treat me its a shame

How could ya hurt me so bad

Baby you know that Im the best thing

That you ever had

Kiss me once again

Dont ya never, never say that were through

Cause I aint never, never, never no no

Loved a man, the way that i, I love you

I cant sleep at night and I cant leave your body

I guess Ill never be free

Since you got your love in me

Whoa, whoa, whoa

cause I never never loved a man....

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