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Artist: Ali Tatyana
Song Title: Daydreamin
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All day long I think of you
I can't even think of things to do
Wishin' all of my daydreams come true
Now, baby, what am I to do?
I think about yesterday
Somebody was talkin' to me
But I couldn't understand a word they said
Not that I was tryin' to be rude
But conversation couldn't make it through
The thoughts of love I had for you...
Baby your face takes up my time
Because I can jus' see your face with mine
I try to change my thoughts; it's a waste of time
You keep my mind occupied

Tell me what am I to do?
When I can only think of you
Even when I have simple things to do
Like talkin' on the telephone or watchin' TV when somethin's on
If it ain't about you then what's the use?

What's up girl? You all grown up now....
Doin' ya singin' thing the charts sewed up now
Well you know I do my rap thing, I'm holdin' it down
And I knew that me and you was gon' connect some how
Your people called for this track, it ain't no trouble to me
I dreamt that you and me got married on the WB
You on channel 11; I carry the M-11
RJ the reverened; it's a match made in heaven
Whatever have you I let you know I'm from soundview
Down til I found you I'm tryin' to be around you
I'm still comin' up Chasin' the fame and wealth
I could spoil you with time; you got everything else
I'm still New York to the heart
But got love for all When I first saw this girl
Thought I wanted to fall
Mean the hummer so stunnin'
That my bod was tense
And I wishin everyday that I was fresh like Prince
Then I came across my man RJ parlayin' in a 6
With Tatyana Ali playin'
I heard Steely Dan "Black Cow" and went wild
You tell me how can I get down
That's when they threw me on the redeye to LA
I dirtied my cash and peeps back
And hit Shaq on the cellay
Courtside seats so close that we could touch
Tatyana and Lord and Peter Gunz

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