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Artist: Alias Soundtrack
Song Title: Gus-Goin Our Way
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Please don't get me wrong
I've known all along
It would come to this
Tongue tied to the sky
Blood by camera light
Just keep on drivin'

Goin' our way
Unconscious of the things I say
Through it all
Goin' our way
That's all we never talk about
Via satellite

Live like jealous dogs
All good cops have lost
Their tambourines
Long range cosmonaut
Looks like we've been caught
In this silence

Goin' our way
Unconscious of the things I say
Through it all
Goin' our way
And that's all we never talk about

You can't let your feelings show
You hold your friends up
They just hold you back
Isn't that the way
Loud screams underneath the hood
Payload ya did all you could
Just keep on drivin'

Goin' our way
Unconscious of the things I say
Through it all
Goin' our way
That's all we never talk about
Via satellite

Goin' our way
Goin' our way

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